Nakawatari #18


Namako (Sea Cucumber) Glaze
Kiln: Yixing County Dingshu Xizhuang Ceramics House ( 丁蜀西庄陶瓷社出品)

*This pot is referred to as a 'Last Nakawatari' (最後の中渡).

'Last Nakawatari' (最後の中渡) is a description used for pots produced by kilns or artists that were active during the Nakawatari period and continued putting out period quality work well into the 20th century.  While most other kilns saw their pots decline in quality during the Shinwatari period, these kilns and artists kept to the old ways.  Only a handful fit the moniker.

The writings of this stamp use simplified Chinese, indicating that the pot was made after the forming of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949. In the 1950s, potters in different parts of Yixing were consolidated into co-op companies.  This is one of these consolidated companies.

Xizhuang Ceramic Cooperative was formed in 1952, and was later renamed “Juntao Craft Factory” specializing in Jun glaze wares, called namako in Japan.

33.0cm x 21.5cm x 5.0cm

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