Beni Chidori (1 unit)


'Beni Chidori' Japanese Maple (1 unit)


Cutting-grown (no grafts!)

No source for others at the moment -- please take cuttings from yours to help make these common in Canada!  I cannot possibly supply the demand (I would have to dedicate my entire propagation house to Beni Chidori).

Pre-sale information and process
Price includes shipping
within Canada.

If you pre-ordered Azaleas or Deshojo Maples, they will ship together if appropriate.

These are cutting-grown plants, shape and size vary.  They are young enough that shape does not matter because they can still become anything you want them to be (see attached image from Meriggioli's book Bonsai Maples, for example).  The goal here is to get one of the most sought-after cultivars.

The plants will arrive at Canada Bonsai around February-March 2024, and will be inspected and forwarded to you bareroot.  You need to be ready to pot the plant on arrival, and maintain it above freezing.

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