Acer palmatum 'Yves' Select'


Acer palmatum 'Yves' Select'
Japanese Maple 'Yves' Select'

Lots of low buds!

The connoisseur's Acer palmatum!  It's both business and pleasure: t
his unusual cultivar has all of the ideal habits of an upright-growing acer palmatum and has incredible vigor, while having a very dissected leaf form that reduces in size very well!

For those new to Japanese Maple bonsai, please see attached sketch from Meriggioli's book.  The core principles illustated in this image can be apply to any style of bonsai (upright, slant, cascade, etc.)

Plants might be pruned to fit in box.  These are due for a repotting and pruning, have your tools ready to repot soon after arrival!

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